Cast + Crew

Michèle Lorenza Ouellet

Melinda Kearney

Scouted at age 15, Michèle's modeling career began with summers in Paris where she fell in love with rosé. Now appearing regularly in magazines and blogs like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Garance Doré and Glamour, Michèle was also included in Claiborne Swanson Frank's book American Beauty by Assouline. Michèle's blog: is an expression of her unique style and fresh outlook. Growing up in Napa Valley in a food and wine family, Michèle cultivated a discerning palate and can now be found on photo shoots in NYC toting a bottle of Lorenza to taste with a sommelier on the way home!

Melinda owns a luxury wine marketing and branding company in the Napa Valley. She's launched, managed, branded or inspired over 15 significant wineries in her career since 1990. She and Michèle make up the creative mother-daughter team behind Lorenza. Now a resident of Napa Valley longer than of her home town of Boulder, Colorado Melinda is honored to be the mother of two amazing human beings. Melinda can be found dining in Napa Valley's culinary playground, on her yoga mat or on a pair of skis.