Good News

Lorenza Loves Tidal Magazine!

Wow. Talk about a fun shoot!!! When fab photographer Anna Wolf asked if we could shoot for her magazine, Tidal in Napa we jumped at the chance! Better yet, we got to invite some of our friends to a Ad Hoc fried chicken and Rosé dinner amongst the vines! Check out the magazine for the full feature!


Lorenza X The Elder Statesman

Here at Lorenza, we love a good pairing. Take one part delicious cashmere and one part delicious rosé and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. We’ve long admired what our friend Greg Chait does with his brand The Elder Statesman and it was a dream to collaborate on a few pieces together! We tapped our resident artist/brother/son Stefan Ouellette to design a pink rosé which we placed on a cashmere t shirt and handkerchiefs! The only thing left to do was have a party! So party we did. Greg hosted us in his gorgeous West Hollywood shop where guests ate tacos, sipped rosé, and draped themselves in the softest fabric known to man. Much love and many thanks to Greg and all our friends who came through! Can’t wait to do it again!




File May 26, 6 23 50 AMAs you might imagine, Summer time is Lorenza time! We love seeing all the rosé fueled fun from all of our friends!  Huge love and thanks to everyone for sharing your Summer with us and good news is… Its just getting started!!! Send us your pics and tag #lorenzalife because what other life is there!

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2015 Harvest Report

As we prepare for the exciting release of the 2015 Lorenza it takes us back to our favorite time of year: August, harvest and the vineyards where Lorenza begins. The warm 2015 growing season and our early picking resulted in the dream: focused flavors and bright acidity. Our harvest with its early mornings and a lot of time in the car began on August 10 and ended August 22.  To help fuel the growing demand we re-sourced one of our original gorgeous Carignan vineyards planted in 1900, and thanked the stars for a couple of extra tons of the outstanding Bechtold Cinsault. The Grenache expressed its flashy vibrancy during fermentation with bright aromatics and so much action on the palate. The Mourvedre came in with great acids and intensity.  We always count on this varietal for its texture on the mid-palate.  The result?  2015 Lorenza! An authentic, dry, delicate, minerally Rosé with a lot of zip. We can’t wait for you to taste it! Below we share a few gorgeous photos from the harvest.

Carignan planted over 100 years ago.

Cinsault going Direct to Press!

Melinda the morning of the Cinsault Pick

Melinda the morning of Cinsault Pick.

Lorenza Rosé featured in Wall St. Journal!!!

IMG_6920WOW! It was an absolute honor getting to chat with one of our favorite wine writers and awesome humans, Lettie Teague! Huge thanks for sharing our rosé story with the big wide world! Check out the full article here!

Lorenza Crudo Dinner at Charlie Bird!


Charlie Bird is one of our favorite restaurants in NYC, so obviously we jumped at the opportunity to do a Lorenza evening on their patio!


Wine Director Grant Reynolds stocked “The Birdbath” with Lorenza!


Chef Tim Meyers went above and beyond and created a special crudo menu paired with Lorenza! I have to say every single dish was spectacular! So fresh and delicious – perfect with Rosé!


Here we have crab and avocado toasts, crispy squash blossoms filled with ricotta and anchovy, smoked cod fritters and Wellfleet oysters!




Straciatella with vanilla brined baby lettuce and cucumber! FRESH!


The Lorenza Ladies happy as ever to be drinking wine in the sunshine with our friends!


Hey guys! Emilyn Smith, Brie Welch, Erik Melvin, Caroline Ventura and Laura Stoloff!

Huge thanks to everyone who came and of course to the entire team at Charlie Bird for being the most awesome hosts!


72e99ad801c1ff9e6af86316ce418240-1Our love for Yes Way Rosé knows no bounds! Thank you Erica and Nikki for naming us as one of your favorite Rosé’s for Memorial Day Weekend in Food & Wine!

“We met Michèle Ouellet and her mom Melinda Kearney first through New York fashion connections,” says Huganir. “Michèle is a model and I got to work with her in my last job. When we met them, we just totally vibed; it’s become this awesome friendship. And they also make rosé! So when we went out to Napa, we were lucky enough to be invited over to Melinda’s house for lunch and to be able to sit and to taste with her. She poured us a vertical of all of the Lorenzas that they’ve made in the past 4 or 5 years since they started. It was so cool tasting to see how amazingly well they hold up. And the 2014 is just so delicious.”

Mama Knows Best!

mothersday2015_2As you might imagine, we LOVE Mother’s Day! We are so excited to be featured on Cupcakes and Cashmere on Emily’s gift guide! Thank you Emily! Treat your mama to some rosé!!


Wow! Huge thanks to the entire Glamour team who made this awesome shoot happen! Always a treat for us to shoot together, this time in Napa! Much love to The Rhoads, Marina Munoz, Yiotis Panayiotou, Geoffrey Rodriguez, Ericka Verrett, Erica Blumenthal, Jane Keltner De Valle and more!