Our 10th Harvest

Harvest is the time in a wine’s life where the sensory experience is primary. Before Lorenza becomes Lorenza without the identity of the label, confinement of the bottle, the sales plan. The wine transforms in the moment with beauty and promise, magic and love.
Ten years ago who would have predicted the unabashed adoration that America has developed for Rosé! We are delighted to have a messenger of LOVE — in a glass! With the 2017 Vintage, we put forth our intention to celebrate a united front in our sameness, our oneness. We release our 10th vintage with ongoing respect and appreciation to all who have supported us since the beginning: our team in the cellar, the vineyards, our distributors, restaurants and shops, and of course you.
Love, Melinda + Michèle

Rose2017 LORENZA ROSÉ California

Dry True Rosé made with
Intention from Old Vines.

40% grenache, 30% carignan
25% mourvèdre, 5% cinsault

by melinda kearney and
michèle lorenza ouellet

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We kick off harvest every year mid-August by picking the Grenache. It’s always a bit disarming that the clusters have not yet completely gone through verasion in this vineyard characterized by tall gnarly vines set in deep white sandy soil, and this year it was even more so. One of our consistently favorite wines, we love inhaling the jasmine and citrus flowers, watching the journey through fermentation from something that resembles an orange Julius through feisty, tight tangerine pith to a clean, fresh, edgy wine. A couple of baby birds were uncovered in a nest as we picked, the beginning for them too!

A week later during a beautiful sunrise and by the beat of the music played by one of our pickers, the Carignan vineyard planted in 1906 came in with low yields. In the tank the aromatics and flavors moved through iterations of guava and golden raspberry into bright cranberry with great acid. We were fortunate to secure another ancient Carignan vineyard, with a very similar concentrated flavor profile.

Labor Day was during one of the warmest weekends of the summer, bringing in the final three vineyards in the days that followed. The wine from the young Mourvèdre vineyard in Brentwood displayed significant minerality early and the Ripkin Mourvedre offered roses and flower petals–truly lovely at each stage of its development.

Our final pick again this year was the Bechthold Cinsault—this treasured wine from 150 year old vines journeyed through flavors of green apple to ripe honeyed Bartlett pears over several weeks and was such a treat to taste.

Harvest Notes: Hand picked between August 15 and September 7 at 18-20 Brix.  An uneven berry set increased our vigilance and lowered our yield this year across the board.

With each pick, the clusters were pressed into separate, cold stainless steel tanks for long, measured fermentations. Blending occurred in early October followed by bottling 5100 cases in late December. 11.4% Alcohol

The 2017 literally shimmers in its barely-there hue with irrepressible perfume of flower petals and lemons. Intense acidity, bright citrus, jicama, and white peaches are anchored on the palate by prominent minerality and a crisp, mouthwatering finish.