When you make true rosé harvest comes early.  This year was no exception.  The day after Labor Day we lowered the last of the Carignan into the press and called it done.  Our first pick was on August 29 from a Grenache vineyard which is new to us this year and we are thrilled with the fruit.  These giant vines were planted many years ago in very deep sandy soil.  They offered up their zesty fruit to us at around 20 Brix.  So flavorful and with just the right amount of pressure in the press the juice was a lovely pale salmon color.  On Labor Day we picked the Cinsault from the Bechtold Vineyard.  You may remember our article in the Sacramento Bee with a photo of those vines.  Bonsai-like in their yield, the Bechtold Vineyard was planted in 1886.   The Cinsault juice that came in off the press was super delicate, pear-like and the palest of pale. The next day we picked Carignan, our most colorful and flavorful fruit also from vines over 100 years old.  And the Mourvedre decided to come in that same day, a month earlier than last year which was nice for us.  It has good depth and great acidity.  The tanks are full, starting to ferment at very cool temperatures and in a few weeks we’ll start thinking about our blend. The flavors this year as usual are all unique with a common thread of VIBRANCY, great acidity, fresh, fruit and with a big dose of delight!  We are very excited about the 2012 harvest and it’s potential for an amazing rosé!