lorenza loves cindy pawlcyn!

Today my mom and I went to check out Cindy Pawlcyn’s new restaurant: BRASSICA! I met Cindy when I was 2 days old when my dad carried me across the garden from our house to Mustards Grill, a Napa Valley dining institution. I grew up in her restaurant and her cooking has shaped my palate! Brassica is AWESOME. I read on the menu that ‘brassica’ is the family of plants that include kale, cabbage and the yellow mustard that carpets the valley. Brassica – mustard – Mustards Grill. Get it? It has a killer wine program… check out the Brassica 12 AND the wine on tap! The food is beautiful, fresh Mediterranean cuisine that has been missing from the valley. We sat outside and stuffed ourselves with the Baba ghanoush, eggplant fries (OMG), halloumi, CP’s trahana stew and a simple and perfect green salad. I can’t wait to go back and order everything on the menu! Everyone in St. Helena is talking about it and Brassica more than exceeded the hype. Well done Cindy! We love you!