72e99ad801c1ff9e6af86316ce418240-1Our love for Yes Way Rosé knows no bounds! Thank you Erica and Nikki for naming us as one of your favorite Rosé’s for Memorial Day Weekend in Food & Wine!

“We met Michèle Ouellet and her mom Melinda Kearney first through New York fashion connections,” says Huganir. “Michèle is a model and I got to work with her in my last job. When we met them, we just totally vibed; it’s become this awesome friendship. And they also make rosé! So when we went out to Napa, we were lucky enough to be invited over to Melinda’s house for lunch and to be able to sit and to taste with her. She poured us a vertical of all of the Lorenzas that they’ve made in the past 4 or 5 years since they started. It was so cool tasting to see how amazingly well they hold up. And the 2014 is just so delicious.”