lorenza in mendocino!

nothing like a little pink wine to wrap up a great shoot for wrangler!! YEEEHAWWW!

our photographer, ronald dick

lorenza loves….

bouchon la!!!!!!!!

michele and alana had the most lovely evening at the new bouchon in beverly hills! be sure to stop by to check out this gorgeous restaurant

word up!

paired Lorenza with pork chops! DIVINE SWINE!!!!!!!!
this meal will be a delicious start to everyone’s new year! happy 2010!
recipe here!

lorenza lifestyle…

who knows how this photo turned out sooooo frothy!? looks like a senior photo! i love…. but i love walker ryan even more!!!! check out his skating here….

lorenza lifestyle…

thanks rebecca and joe! send us your pics/vids of livin the lifestyle and see them up here! its all about endless summer…