Our wish from the very first vintage of Lorenza True Rosé in 2008 is to work with old vines to bring serious complexity and longevity to our delicate rosé. We are fortunate to source fruit from several vineyards that are over 100 years old in the Lodi area.

The beautiful and expressive Grenache is planted in deep white sandy soil (think beach) with a history going way back before prohibition and is a significant portion of our blend.

The Bechthold Vineyard, our long time source of Cinsaut was planted in 1847. The old, gnarled Carignan vines planted in 1906 tell a long story and deliver a bright fresh burst of activity on the palate and vivid color from the skins.


It is a privilege to work with our growers and vineyards for over 13 years who have been central to our vision of producing an intentional dry true rosé. We believe that the quality of our wine is directly related to the quality of our relationships with our growers and the land that they keep.